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Church nativity play 1950’s

Back row L to R

1 Terry Bruce. 2 Rev Roy Hibbert. 3 David Grantham 4 Bob Sturgess

2nd  row from back L To R

1 Geoff Teece. 2 Peter Blake. 3 Mrs Hurley. 4 Ruth Fereday  5 ? 6 Hilary Poxon

3rd row standing L To R 1 Sheila Carriere  2 David Johnson. 3 Derek Smith 4 ? 5 Margaret Smith Seated from L to R

1 Linda Maund. 2 Anne Johnson. 3 June Fowler. 4 Joyce Maund

Joyce Maund  is now Joyce Stewardson  an ordained deacon at St Johns and Derek Smith married Hilary Poxon and entered the priesthood.

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