The top two photo’s, and bottom left, are taken at the top of Wimblebury road – in Fact the roof of Wimblebury community centre is just visible in the top right photo. The bottom right photo t5 taken along Lichfield road, {the chase road to locals} Heading east from five ways island. In the photo top top left my mom, Grace Davis, {left} and Grace’s sister Winny Melloy, (next to my mom}. I am at a loss as to know Anyone else in any of the four photo’s, alt I can say, is that it must have been a very Cold winter on the village of heath hayes, for I, (Melvyn Davis) was born 9 months On from February on nov 31947, along with three school mate namely kelvin Spanswick, Phillip Haytree nov 13 Frank Perkins I believe on nov 18
What more can I say !