Bourne Methodist Sunday School Anniversary Concert c 1956e

I’ve gone through my old photos and found quite a few of the Tennants and their circle during the war BUT I now realise that since these were private ‘family’ type photos it might not be ethical for us to publish them without the family’s permission and approval.  However one undisputed public photo is the official one (attached) taken of the Bourne Methodist Sunday School Anniversary Concert, the first weekend of March 1956 (I think).  The faces are all still so familiar to me butI can only name a handful of the kids in the photo as follows:

2nd to back row:
Barbara Corbett (2nd from left)
Dawn Ellis (3rd from left)
? Humphries, who later became church organist.

4th row from back:
Sheila James (3rd from left)
Back row, 4th from left – Janet Lowe (nee Willetts)
6th from left – David Lowe

2nd row from front:
? Beniston (2nd from left)
Jean Holt (3rd from left)
2nd row- 1st left – Linda Wigley (nee Willetts)

Front row:
? Holt (Jean’s little sister) (2nd from right)

3rd row – 2nd from right – John Evans – my Dad’s cousin.

Maybe others can add names to these faces………?