Brian Lawrence Hi Just seen your site and was delighted to see a pic of my godfather Eddie Davis who was the manger of the co op at the corner of Stafford St from 1943.  I was born in 1940 at 68 Stafford St and spent the first 23 years of my life in Stafford and Bank st’s, lots of happy memories of time spent there. I was one of the last pupils to attend heath hayes Junior school before it was condemed. We were educated in various rooms around the village including the old wooden libary and the tin hut on Gorsemoor Rd

I remember Grace and Win well, Grace and Eddie lived at No 60 Stafford st, Win lived on the Wimblebury Rd you could walk between thier homes via the back gardens. Eddie rand a dance band called the Regency Dance Orchestra in which he played Drums. My Dad also ran a band The Melody Makers he played Accorddian.

We lived in Stafford St till 1957 then moved to 143 Bank St. There were 12 shops on Stafford St selling allsorts from Electrical to animal food, Faulkners fish and chip shop. Archers Butchers original shop was at No 76 they used to do there own killing in the back yard where they had a barn and abattoir.

My maternal Grandparents lived at 181 Wimblebury Rd where they had a shop I still have some removed relatives on the village, they move to a cottage at the back of the Five Ways Inn on the Cannock I still have the house name brick.

I was a member of Sam Barbers Scouts which became the brotherhood.

I remember camps at Tenby,when Sam broke his leg playing “humbug finger and thumb” Great Yarmouth and Clacton when the gales were so bad the big ferris wheel blew down, and we had to rescue the guide camp in the next field.

My best friends were Brian Yates, Barry Batham and June Halligan Alas all dead! June was a fantastic sports player I still remember her with great fondness

Happy Days Brian

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