Burntwood Bluebirds Coach Kevin Ellis

Burntwood Bluebirds Coach Kevin Ellis


Photo attached – taken at Stoke City Hospital, 13 Aug
1989 (incidentally parked next to my coach). I had a dance troupe on board, and the carnival/competition was organised by Graham Shaw.

I’ve observed the following
coaches with Bluebirds – the one shown in the pictures already on your site, MFN891, may have been on hire from H&M

chassis                 body
MFN891    ?                    Duple
325MOA    Ford
(Thames Trooper) – Duple – seen in 1982
WCD959K    Bedford    YRQ
Duple VICEROY – seen from 1987 to 1995.

best regards
Kev E.

Burntwood Bluebirds Members Wendy Jones

Burntwood Bluebirds Members

The early photographs of the Blue Birds was the orange and blue uniform taken in 1969

Most of the photographs belonged to my parents, Clive and Barbara Harper, my father used to be snap happy with the camera, but over the years we have lots of happy reminiscing and lots of laughs from happy days.  I inherited the photographs and I know they would like the happy memories to be shared.

Committee members were:
Margaret Stokes, Trainer
Ron Stokes, Coach Driver
Albert Hollingmode, Secretary
Clive Harper, my Father

Helpers were:
Pat Bentley
Pat Owen
Shirley Marklew
Gill Wright
Barbara Harper, my Mother
?? Woodfield
Alice Hollingmode

List of Members

Wendy Jones (nee Harper)
Julie Freeman (nee Green) 1st Mascot
Julie Green, another Julie Green
Carol Green
Steven Feryhough
Mandy Hackitt
Alan Hollingmode drummer and 3rd bass drummer
David Hollingmode drummer
Caren Toddinton (nee Marklew) 4rth bass drummer
Leslie Marklew 2nd Leader
David Marklew
Debby Bentley
Julie Bentley, played symbols
Steven Bentley 2nd  bass drummer
Donna Bird (nee Fisher)
Karen Fisher
Tracey Garrity (nee Fisher) played glockenspiel
Gail Abbey
Jackie Wright shield Barer
Janice Rea (nee Wright) 1st bass drummer
Julie Tait (nee Archer) 3rd Leader (now Judges competitions)
Karen Booth (nee Wright)
Susan Pratt (nee Wright)
Linda Jones (nee Whitehead)
Linda Thacker (nee Skelhorn)
Rose Baxter (nee Dale)
Beverley Ingram (nee Hargreaves)
Zita Ward
April Woodfield
Angela Woodfield
Dianne Owen (now Judges competitions)
Andrew Stokes, drummer
Neil Stokes
Janet Gilbert
Robert Gooch, drummer
Linda Smith
Jackie Cantrill
Sandra Procter
Stuart Cowley, drummer
Linda Wardle 1st Leader
Angela Wiggin
Pamela Skelhorn
Sharon Skelhorn
Wendy Bratram 1st bass drummer
David Matthews, drummer
Angela Matthews
Roy Booth, drummer
Christine Hickman
Karen Knight
Dennis Dyke
Karen Broomfield
Julie Street
Diane Hewitt

Covering the period from 1969 – 1979

Information supplied by Wendy Jones