Wendy has been kind enough to allow me to show her late fathers collection of postcards.

Wendy’s father Clive Harper was a life long collector, and enjoyed showings his collections to anyone who was interested.  His collection of post cards along with my Mothers started when they first married.  The collection merely started as a cheap hobby, keeping souvenirs  pictures of places they had visited.  In later life they used to rummage thought boxes of old post cards, I remember a little a old shop at Rhyl where he always managed to find something to add to his collection.

His hobby of taking photographs probably started when his family started to grow, a Brownie Camera in a square box was his first camera.  Clive was born and grew up living at Hammerwich and Chasetown, so he had a good knowledge of places of local interest.  We always used to call him Snap Happy.

Everyone always says my father was a gentleman, and would always go out of his way to help anyone, he is greatly missed by many people.

Wendy Jones (daughter)