Hello! My paternal grandparents came to Bolsover sometime around 1900. Grandad to work at the colliery. My father used to talk about Brownhills and Chase Terrace. He was born in Bolsover so never lived there.  My aunt Edith left me a book, a Sunday School prize. Inside the front cover written in ink it says, Awarded to William Fox for early attendance, Five Ways Sabbath School in the year 1882. It is signed by Superintendant John Rowley and Secretary George ????? The surname is difficult to read but could be, Yorks, Yonks, or Tonks or Torks. It is written with great flourishes to some of the words. The book is Short Stories for Children, by Charlotte Elisabeth.

The  author is readily traceable. There are several Five Ways but Heath Hayes seems to be the nearest one to where I assume the Fox family lived. I can’t pin down the exact Primitive Methodist chapel which again I assume was where the Sabbath School was located. Do you think it would be at Heath Hayes. I have not found any reference to John Rowley. I have located some of the Fox family in that area through genealogy sites. Grandad, Christopher, Grandma was Jane Harriet Garbett. Aunt Edith told me a couple of snippets about her Grandparents. She was the local midwife, unofficial of course and when she and Grandad fell out they used to settle the argument with fisticuffs.

My mothers parents came from Eastwood, Nottingham John

Best wishes, John Fox